Monday, May 11, 2015

Introduction to Trinket

Trinket for Course Web Sites

In Fall 2014, I used Trinket for my course web site, PHY 3110 (Classical Mechanics).

I have developed web-based course material since 1994. Thus I have created many course web sites over the last 20 years. In recent years, I've used HTML and PHP. However I recognize the usefulness of tools that do not require programming. For example, teachers may simply use Blackboard, for example. Others might use a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver or iWeb (by Apple).

However, I believe that Trinket is my now my favorite way to create a course web site. My favorite features are:

  1. the ability to write "markup" instead of HTML.
  2. the outline of topics along the left edge of the site. Before Trinket, my course web sites already had this style.
  3. the ability to embed YouTube videos, pdfs, and code.
  4. the ability to embed interactive Python Trinkets where students can directly edit the code and view the results.
  5. the ability to create interactive GlowScript Trinkets to create 3D physics models that students can edit.


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