Saturday, July 20, 2013

Introduction to Physics Logos

I'm now a member of the blogosphere and twitterverse. They are officially new worlds for me. I hope to use blogs and Twitter professionally to describe my daily journey to grow in knowledge and character, as a teacher and person.

The name of my blog is Physics Logos. My Twitter name is @physicslogos.

The blog's name is inspired by the term biologos which was coined (as far as I know) by Francis Collins. BioLogos is "a community of evangelical Christians committed to exploring and celebrating the compatibility of evolutionary creation and biblical faith, guided by the truth that 'all things hold together in Christ.' "

Logos is a greek word that traditionally meant word, thought, opinion, reason, principle, or speech. Heraclitus (ca. 535–475 BC) is credited with using the term philosophically for a principle of order and knowledge. A second use of the word in theology refers to the connection between God and mankind. In Christian theology, logos is the "Word of God" made "flesh" in Christ.

As a follower of Christ, the term "logos" is a personal expression of faith. As a teacher of physics, the term shows my appreciation for fundamental principles and the reductionist approach to physics. Einstein said that "the most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible." The word "logos" reminds me of the comprehensibility of the Universe that we study.

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  1. Physics is my all time favorite subject, I used to do the top in this subject. Even I got the highest marks in my 8 9 grades. You will love physics once you get your concepts cleared.